Warning: Using without instruction.

Published September 4, 2013 by Crystal

I mentioned a few posts back that I had been listening to an audio hypnotherapy type thing.  It is called a “Slimpod” and in particular I was listening to the “Drop 2 jean sizes” pod.  In 4 weeks I have lost inches from all over the place, and I appreciate and acknowledge that it was a helpful motivator in changing my eating habits.

But I have been reading about intuitive eating for several years now, and I’m afraid I don’t believe in “Magic pills” as someone put it.  Whichever way I am going to lose weight, it is going to take an effort on my part, and after a bit of an uncomfortable discussion last night in the group linked to the Slimpods I decided it was time to leave that group.

The creator of the pods wanted to talk about “Mindful Eating”, because it was something that she had noticed mentioned on the group wall recently and so wanted to discuss it.  What became clear is that any and all weight loss or differences noticed in the user’s lifestyle, the creator wanted to attribute wholly to the Slimpods, and their effectiveness in changing people subconsciously.  Now I believe our subconscious does an awful lot, and more even, than we can imagine, but I find the creators ideas now a little contradictory.

There is a big emphasis on placing goals, and listing daily positives, because it is these that she believes help focus the mind and encourage the subconscious.  But when you are writing goals and recalling positive things that have happened during the day, you are doing this in full consciousness.  You’re not relying on an audio recording to get you to do these things.  You choose the words, you think about what you have done.

On the website there are links to healthy recipes, and other suggestions about making healthy changes in life.  Again, you read these, not because an audio recording is encouraging your subconscious to do so, but because you might be interested in it.

So coming back to the “Mindful Eating” discussion, she asked us what we perceived it to be, and I said personally it was about being aware in the moment of eating.  I remove distractions, turn the tv off, leave the phone alone.  I eat every mouthful slowly, tasting and sensing textures, and noticing how it makes my body feel.  I also notice, when I am mindfully eating, that I feel fuller much sooner.  Other members of the group understood and some shared this experience, but to me it seemed the creator of Slimpod did not like this phrase being used.  She said we should be using the slimpods, and not need to be thinking about how or what we’re eating, just let the slimpods change us subconsciously and enjoy and accept the changes.   And she only seemed to be happy when she could say “So the mindful eating as you describe it, is coming from your use of slimpods!  Wonderful!” (I am paraphrasing, I do not remember word for word, and did not copy the discussion).

It saddens me, and yet I understand what is going on here.  She has created something that does work in helping weight loss.  And she wants to keep it clear that it is her brand that is changing lives.  When someone like me comes in, having read and made changes before, and seeing the slimpod as simply an item to support my food journey, it muddies the waters.  So I decided it was time to bow out from the group.  I am not a child that must be instructed and told not to question.  I am an adult, with a mind that I want to understand as much as possible!  I don’t want to do something and just accept it.  I want to know why it’s working, or at the very least, notice how it works for me.

I want to become a Normal Eater!  I don’t want to spend my life relying on an audio that I will have to listen to every day for the rest of my life, in case my subconscious should weaken against my conscious!  I want to eat something and know when to stop because I am fully aware of my body and what benefits it.



Now I may seem to worship at the shrine of Beyond Chocolate a little bit too much on this blog.  But one thing I trully love about the Boss sisters, is that on their forum, anything is open to discussion.  They have an idea of what they created, but they know that the path to normal eating is a very personal one, and they expect people to experiment and find what works for them.  On their forum we discuss websites, books, and other helpful things.  We discuss our ideas of what certain phrases mean, not because the Boss sisters want to correct us and point out their way is the only way that will work for them, but because they want to hear our opinions, and allow a space for these discussions.

I will continue using the recordings as and when I want to, but I am now using as a tool along side my other tools in the weight loss journey!

I’m also in the middle of a book recommended by another Beyond Chocolater, How to have your cake and your skinny jeans too.  I like the style and information packed into the book.  I’m nowhere near the end yet, but what I have read so far makes a lot of sense to me, personally, and it covers the topic of binge eating in a very helpful way.

So there we go.  I found what is a helpful tool, but am now using it in a way that the creator never intended.  But this is my path, and my life.  And part of my journey is not doing what I’m told without question.  Sorry about that 😉


3 comments on “Warning: Using without instruction.

  • Hi – I do understand, I left the Group for similar reasons myself recently. I love the concept but I found the Group very contradictory – you are supposed to be able to rely on the audio to change your behaviour around food, but then there’s weight loss goals, advice and healthy eating all over the place. I like the product but not so much the group. Good luck on your journey! I wrote a book myself recently called ‘Gorgeously Full Fat’ which is very supportive of Beyond Chocolate and other real non-diet methods of normalising our eating. In my opinion, normalising our eating is what we need to concentrate on and NOT weight loss, and BC is pretty helpful with that.

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