How many pounds can you lose over 10 weeks?

Published September 18, 2013 by Crystal

Sharing this again, because it’s September, and that pre Christmas push of diet clubs is taking place! All that money spent in the next few weeks at clubs, think about what you could buy instead.

Stepping into yourself

I won’t pretend the idea of joining a weight class again didn’t appeal in just the slightest way the other day!  The excitement of getting the plan in your hand.  Reading it all through, absorbing it all.  Learning what’s off limits, what you can have in excess.  Planning your menu for your first week, looking forward to the triumphant moment of stepping on the scales after your first week, anticipating the success after 100% determination and devotion. Joining fee was £9:95, weekly class fee £5

And maybe the next week goes well. The euphoria of first week of successes, obediently avoiding the bread, or having some diet slice of air.   Making sure at least a third of your plate at each meal has fruit or vegetable.  Another £5 on class fees, but it’s worth it, because you’re losing weight and you can’t do it by yourself.

The third week…

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