Don’t come to me for advice, I’m a work in progress!

Published October 7, 2013 by Crystal

Am currently myself, fighting many diet demons.  I hate diets.  Loathe and detest the way I have felt when the euphoria has given way to misery.  But right now I feel pretty miserable.  My size has increased, and physically I feel awful.  I don’t want to lose weight for beauty reasons.  I want to feel physically good.  I want to be able to move with ease.  To not feel creaks and pains.

So for now, I am looking into how i can do this without falling prey to the stress and anxiety of throwing myself head first into diet world. Can I find a way of enjoying a plan, without believing all the hype that goes with it?  First step is cooking meals from scratch from some recipe books.

For a while I’ll be quiet as I mull things over and sort out my inner conflicts!


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