A little side note

Published October 13, 2013 by Crystal

There may be people frowning at the thought of my moving to some sort of diet structure, and I understand that. There is so much evil out there in diet land! Horrid meal replacements, people literally starving themselves to slim, tablets to assist in some way. 
I have to say that none of that is appealing or happening. I’ve spent far too much time living free from those dehumanising restrictions to even consider them, and thankfully, while I haven’t lost weight, I’ve read enough intuitive eating material to know that what our bodies need to lose weight is honestly quite simple, and doesn’t require agony. My body doesn’t need to be beaten into submission.
So I still read other people’s experiences and worry or lament at what they might be suffering or missing, but their journey is their own, and they’ll only look for something else when they want to. I can only tell you my experience as it happens.  And lets face it, it wasnt so very long ago that I was living a life of diet misery.


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