Happy Halloween!

Published October 30, 2013 by Crystal

Every once in a while, Half Term happily coincides with Halloween.

Normally we go all out.  Big party, friends over, place laid for the spectral guest.

This year it isn’t happening.   At least, not so much.  We have 3 huge pumpkins to carve into masterpieces, the kids will be going trick or treating, and we will have treats in for those who visit us.  But this year I am looking forward to a fairly quiet affair.   I don’t know where my mojo has gone this year.  I just don’t know where my buzz and enthusiasm and desire to make all foods grim is hiding.

So it’s a different, slightly calmer Halloween.

Today we took a wander up to the local country park.   The local council had laid on a lovely day, with wand making, pumpkin carving (bought the pumpkins for 50p each, but have brought home to carve tomorrow), spellhunting, face painting, potion drinking.  It was great and all free, and it made me glad to get outside.  A couple of miles walked before lunchtime, without any “I’m tired, I’m bored, I’m thirsty” whining.  On the way home we past a box of apples free to collect, so we grabbed some of those to make a crumble tomorrow.


I do feel a bit lost though.  Like I’ve forgotten to do something.  And as I sit here typing, I realise I don’t know whether to be happy or disappointed.  2 out of 3 kids are now out with their friends, and child 3 is sitting on the computer.

Yes I think I’ll just enjoy the peace today.  No doubt tomorrow there will be a sugar rush and consequential crush come tomorrow evening!


Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain!





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