Treading Gently

Published December 10, 2013 by Crystal

I wonder if there is a way for an individual to be aware of another’s feelings and sensitivities whilst remaining true to ourselves? I wonder this because yesterday, a group normally known for acceptance and tolerance lost several valued members over a discussion where words were misunderstood and the language became a wall that could not be scaled. It was sad to witness, not being able to think of words that might bring comfort to all. And i wondered what it might be about now that might have catalysed such a division and such a distressing situation for several people. And i wondered whether maybe it’s because it is Christmas. And maybe, no matter how hard we try to remain calm, and to not let anxiety and exhaustion ruffle our feathers, sometimes we might benefit from remembering we are not alone in our stress and tiredness, and while we are feeling attacked, so are others. And maybe our feelings are valid, but so are another’s. But these pains and hurts are all very valid, and finding a way of not belittling, when tensions are already high is difficult. I wonder if maybe remembering that it is a tough time of year might help? And i hope these differences and hurts can be discussed and accepted.


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