I Win Every Argument… With Scienze!

Published December 12, 2013 by Crystal

Made me giggle over my coffee!

This is Not a Diet

Using the awesome powers of the internet, I have read all the nutrition and health information.  Therefore, I understand everything there is to know about eating and health!  I will now educate the poor ignorant masses using my new-found knowledge, which I alone have acquired because nobody else can read things on the internet the way I can.  I have even read THREE books.

You may think you know what is best for your body and your life because you have your own personal experiences to draw on and have done some research of your own, but you are wrong.  I know you believe you are healthy, but if you are not eating the foods I have decided are the healthiest and avoiding the ones that are poisoning you, good luck buddy.  You’re headed down the one way path to disease and infirmity.  Allow me to help you see the…

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