Finally they’re getting it! Obesity won’t be solved by telling us to eat less

Published January 13, 2014 by Crystal

I felt a little bit encouraged today when I watched the BBC Breakfast News.

Doctor Rosemary Leonard is a woman who, to me, is speaking sense.  Finally a doctor is saying that obesity won’t be solved simply by telling a fat person to eat less and move more.  Finally a doctor, on national television, is saying that there are psychological issues involved, and that these need to be addressed when looking at the obesity “crisis”, and she went so far as to say that maybe many cases should be looked at as Eating Disorders.

This, in my opinion, is a huge step forward in the fight against the stigma of obesity.  Maybe, finally, the medical profession are starting to realise the very complex issues surrounding obesity.

Even on the support forums for the people with more than 5 stone to lose, there are the contributors who’ll be saying to others “You really need to eat less and move more, it really is that simple!”  and it saddens me.  These people who have managed to lose weight, have forgotten the very real and damaging psychological issues that they endured when food was so much more than just fuel.  When it brought comfort, and hope, and a silencer to the misery.  And it’s easy to forget how hard things were when you feel a little more control of your world, when food isn’t consuming your thoughts.

But I sincerely hope, even as I follow a weight loss plan to some extent, that I don’t forget the misery I have felt when I have been out of control around food.  When chips brought more joy than a whole day had given.  When pizza, even with the tummy cramps after, was more satisfying than the other events of an evening.

There is too much stigma around obesity, and the last thing we need is newly thin people ruling it over us because they’ve “got it together”!


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