Epiblog – It’s My Life.

Published February 11, 2014 by Crystal

An honest final (?) message. xx

This is Not a Diet

Epiblog – It’s My Life

I started this blog after 1 year of dieting.  I had lost 60 lb and was riding high on success and praise.  I continued losing weight.  I met my goal, losing 107 lb.  I continued.  At my lowest weight, I had lost 125 lb.  I went from size 24 to size 8.

People I knew and strangers alike treated me like a hero.  They all wanted to know my secrets.  How did I do it?!  What advice could I give?!  Suddenly, I was very interesting to people.  They listened to me.  They read my writing, commented on my thoughts, followed me on facebook in droves, and begged me to write a book.  They made me feel important.

Feeling like people wanted to listen to me was not something I was used to experiencing.  As a fat person, you learn to feel invisible.  Friends would talk…

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