Happy progress

Published February 15, 2014 by Crystal




I’m feeling a little brave today, so decided to share a progress photo.  It’s not a before and after.  I still feel I have a way to go to reach what feels right for me.

The photo on the left is from August 2013, the right from today, February 2014.

Let me be clear.  I am a big believer in living life as much as you want, no matter what size you are.  I don’t believe anyone should feel they have to hide away because they don’t meet the standard that society has set.  There were few things I didn’t do because of my size.  I believe we should respect our bodies, and treat ourselves with kindness.  We should learn to love ourselves, and respond to ourselves as we do other people, and I had learned how to do this in my larger body.   But I felt uncomfortable, and the beginning of September brought some rude awakenings around my health.  So I decided it was time for me to take action, for my wellbeing, and I started a weight loss plan at the beginning of October.  I already feel so much better physically, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little bit happy that my clothes are getting smaller.  My training for the London Moonwalk is already much easier this year, and I don’t find myself getting quite so breathless if I exert myself a little.

I follow a plan, but it isn’t the sum total of my life.  I still eat out, I still drink.  Life isn’t on hold.  But it’s different, and habits are forming for the better.  xxx


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