So what.

Published May 21, 2014 by Crystal

Worth following this inspiring lady. Here is a reason why we need to nurture an environment of love and acceptance of all.

project: keep the girl

So this weekend I made some pretty bad decisions that if I could I would take back. I woke up the following morning feeling huge and immediately started having eating disorder thoughts. “I’m so fat; that’s why this is happening.” or “I’m so gross. Seriously, look at me.” I stared at my naked self in the mirror with hatred and picked myself to pieces. I started thinking of ways that I can begin engaging in the eating disorder again; I’d just have to be sneakier because people know my past.

Weight is the problem. If I can fix the weight part then everything will be better. I will be happier, I will make better decisions. “You are fat. Fix this. Remember when you were skinny, you never felt like this then. Just lose the weight.” says my eating disorder.

I agreed. I swore I would be better and do better. I would count my bites. I…

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