Size Acceptance, what it really means to me.

Published June 1, 2014 by Crystal

To me, size acceptance does not mean I have accepted my weight because I’m too lazy to do anything about it. It does not mean I am giving myself (a la) carte blanche to eat take out every night and chocolate morning noon and night, and to sit on my sofa getting bigger and bigger. What it means to me is an acknowledgement that my size, whatever it is, is just one part of me, and that having fought with myself year by year has not left me happy and fulfilled, but instead miserable and sub standard in my own eyes. Size acceptance, to me, means learning to love and value myself right now. At. This. Size. And to develop the relationship with the current me.
But it is a step. A promise to myself to start taking care of myself. That I am worth that love and care. And part of that care is to start paying attention to what nurtures and what holds me back. To discover a way of moving the body that is enjoyable right now. And a commitment to move a little bit more each time I feel able. To push myself a tiny bit each time I am ready, knowing when I do, the benefits it brings are wonderful for me physically, mentally and emotionally.

Listening to negative messages telling us we’re.”Lazy lardies” is not kindness. It is not helping us realise what we didn’t know. It might surprise you to know I am already aware I’m fat. And hating myself and loathing my body into submission has not helped change my physique for any decent length of time. So let us swing those doors wide, wide open on size acceptance groups. Let us realise the power within. And let’s love from the ground up!


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