Day to day, the mundane workings of a depressed mind

Published June 2, 2014 by Crystal

I was productive yesterday. I made two batches of curry and several pasties. I kept occupied with shopping, cooking and busying. It stopped me finding the opportunity to cry, but, I was,still ratty and snappy and not as rational as normal.
Today my plan was to walk just for 30 minutes. But then the thought of that overwhelmed me and I decided I would instead have a go on the kids’ trampoline. So how come it’s several hours on and I can’t muster the energy? I don’t want to leave the house. I want to sit inside. Away from everything. And this is the face of depression. There’s no logic. It just is. Ruby Wax put a reminder out to be mindful, in the moment. And I think it helps. When I can concentrate long enough. But even that seems too much effort. So I shall sit, and let it pass.
And it shall pass. In its time. It just takes time. Again.


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