Keeping on with the one thing a day

Published June 10, 2014 by Crystal

I didn’t go for coffee yesterday as I’d planned. The stress of the garden and all that needed to be done left me knowing that I wouldn’t be happy. That I’d be panicky and feeling I was wasting time. I know that at this moment the physical exertion is benefitting me so much that I don’t want to stop. Maybe it’s the sun and the vitamin d, maybe it’s the activity that leaves me so exhausted I sleep through the night. But seeing changes in the garden is helping to get rid of those negative gremlins constantly chattering away around me. I feel more peaceful when I work.
So yesterday the shed got filled with this and that. Crap sorted into piles, and two trips made to the tip. Today as I type I am enjoying a coffee, having moved compost bins and made a start on chipping logs our of trees we cut down. It’s slow progress, and while I am outside I am aware of panic over the state of inside the house. But I am human, with limitations, and I can accept that, today. Still a way to go. But me and the garden are getting there.


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