Media rationing ;-)

Published July 14, 2014 by Crystal
I made a cake

I made a cake

I made a cake today. My domestic goddess is itching to get out more. The only thing is, I had no butter, so attempted the butterless sponge! It’s ok, not the greatest, I’ve done better! I need to buy some butter, so when the mood takes me, I can bake without worry! Think I will try a proper victoria sponge tomorrow, with proper cream (not elmlea which is all the corner shop had 😉 )
But while I’ve idled the day away baking and playing endless games on facebook, I accepted that so much more could be done if I didn’t waste so much time on facebook! So I’m going cold turkey. I’m quitting. I’m going to have a life outside of facebook!
I’ve deactivated my account, and I’m a little excited about what I am potentially capable of in my time away from the media time machine! I have plans and dreams. So many ideas! A perpetually tidy house?  That really is a dream!  Maybe I will finally learn to sew properly (as is my wish to fulfil the clothing ration I’ve set myself!). Maybe I will finally learn to knit more than the basic stitch. If I’m really lucky I may get to crochet…..left handed is impossible right now!
But it starts today. With cake.


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