Poorly menfolk

Published July 22, 2014 by Crystal

The boys and I spent a day shopping and baking. It’s the old chap’s birthday tomorrow, and so we united in choosing a recipe, buying what we needed, and got down to the nitty gritty of creating. Disappointingly and somewhat miserably husband came home a few hours early, amid our flurry of culinary magic, and went straight to bed. He hardly saw the balloons adorning the lounge, and he did not join us for burgers on the patio. And he most definitely did not have the energy to see the masterpiece, “wonderfully” decorated by the boys. Boo sucks to the sickness bug that seems to be travelling around the clan of ours. First was middle son, then me, then old chap. Crappy Birthday to you 😦
Hopefully he will feel better in the morning, and he can gaze with wonder upon the Nigella delight. A cake that contains a gallon of sour cream, a mountain of chocolate, and hopefully lots of taste!
On the plus side, our trip to the shops did see me get very lucky with a discovery of several 78s by Stan Kenton and Ray Atkinson for 50p a disc! There was a definite vintage vibe as we baked to the sound of the radiogram!
And that’s how things go these days. Ups and downs, but all tolerable and dealt with. Depression seems a distant memory at the moment for which I am grateful, but there but for the grace of God go I. Trying never to take for granted the joy in my life, even when plans fail, and the lurgy strikes. X


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