The scales are but just one marker of change, we do well to remember!

Published October 13, 2014 by Crystal

Earlier this week I celebrated a 3 stone loss. That magic number, marking 42lbs of weight loss showed itself up on the scales. It had been such a long time coming milestone. Of course, it wasn’t my official class weigh in. It was my at home, on scales that give the same results, but half way through the week. Anyway, anyway, anyway. Tonight, I was disappointed to see that I’m up from that weight, and the same weight I was this time last week.
It’s disappointing. But I am more “meh” than wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Because mother nature delivered yesterday. I am bloated. I literally gained weight overnight, and I know it isn’t possible to gain fat that quickly, not on what I am eating currently. But it is possible to retain water, and it is possible to be utterly pissed off at that water retention.
So I decided I need a reality check. Health and positive changes are not marked by simply the scales, so what else has happened this week?
Well this week I ran further and for longer than I have in 20 years. My last running session saw me running even after the lady in my ear told me I could stop running. I found myself wanting to go out running even on days I was allowing myself to rest! I ran on 4 days, and walked extensively on 2 days. I moved. I enjoyed moving. And I slept better as a result.
My face looks slimmer. I noticed I do not have a double chin when I now look in the mirror. And my little black dress is now a big black dress and needs to go!
I am still not smoking. And NOT smoking has not led to weight gain. That has to be a biggy to celebrate.
My clothes feel baggier this week. I have not had a drop of alcohol in 2 weeks, and my skin feels clearer along with my head.
So the scales didn’t show a substantial change this week. But what I have done this week has indicated that things are moving forward. And I really, really need to acknowledge and recognise these things. Even if I do feel slightly cheated by the scales this week.


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