Fat Shaming is NEVER acceptable, even if you’re a tv celebrity

Published November 1, 2014 by Crystal

Sharing again. I was reminded of this after seeing a seemingly innocent “Big Boned Myth” meme. It bothered me, because of the judgement held within it. So what if someone says they are big boned? Maybe they would say nothing if they felt they had to justify themselves to others? Maybe we could just let people be? Maybe we could keep an eye on our own lives?

Stepping into yourself

It’s been a long weekend of reflection and panic, and anxiety.  But I am awake on a Monday morning feeling a little lighter for letting out all the confusion.

It has me wondering, do any of us ever get to that place of peace and rest after experiencing disordered eating?  Or is there always the risk of slipping back some distance and falling back into those old behaviour patterns?

One thing that is very clear is that I need exercise now.  I need to be able to get out and exert all that bubbling energy, and feel my body getting tired. While I grumbled about walking for hours and hours, it obviously helped me in many ways mentally and physically.  And not being able to get out and walk sent me into a spiral of panic, believing again I am incapable of looking after myself, unable to make good food…

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