I weigh daily, BUT

Published November 3, 2014 by Crystal

Weighing is a touchy, tough subject.  There are those who hate the scales and have no desire to go anywhere near.  There are those who hate the scales, but feel compelled to weigh and allow the results to pass judgement.  There are those who love the scales, and the feeling of control it gives.  And there are no doubt many more types of people besides.

Me, I like weighing.  I didn’t used to.  I used to hate the feeling of addiction, but also the feeling of shame when the numbers were unfavourable, and the elation when the scales were kind.

Nowadays the scales don’t hold power or a form of control.  For the most part I can hop on, and simply notice the result.  I find it helpful to see how the previous days food and activity have impacted on my body. A meal out will often see a gain, as I hold water.  A bottle of wine will see a loss as my body craves water to rehydrate.

For the most part I can be an impartial observer.  But there are days when hopping on the scales can send me into a spiral of misery.  A 3 pound gain can leave me feel hopeless and helpless.  The “why bother, what is the point?” feeling can leave me reaching for the foods that neither support my wants or nurture my body and mind.

So why weigh at all?  Well, for me, weighing regularly helps me to notice those day to day changes.  It enforces the reality that a pound of fat doesn’t appear overnight from one meal out.  It is a tool.  A machine of component parts that come together to tell me a”numerical reflection of my relationship with gravity”.  And its power in affecting me is based on how much power I give it.

So you know what?  Some days I don’t weigh.  Some days I know whatever result I see will impact me more than it should.  And I don’t want to take part in an episode of self loathing and disgust.

But I don’t see the problem with weighing as a general rule.  So long as I can keep as that impartial observer.

If it is something you want to do, then do it. There are arguments for and against, but making regular weighing another reason to feel guilty in your life is unecessary.  If you can be that impartial observer, and simply notice how foods interact with your body.  If you can see the scale for what it really is, and not a demi god with the power to make you feel shameful.  If you can enjoy each and every day regardless of the scales, then by all means do what works for you!



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