2 months in, training results!

Published November 28, 2014 by Crystal

25 minutes.  Today I managed 25 minutes of constant running!  I feel good.  I feel tired.  But mostly I am really proud of that achievement in just under 2 months of training.

From not being able to run for a bus, I can now run a couple of miles.  Hell I still have miles to go.  But I feel closer to being able to run that marathon.  And if I can do it, then honestly, anyone can make a start! My view of exercise has really changed in recent years.  Maybe it’s getting close to 40.  Maybe it’s realising my body won’t last forever.

Depression wise the tablets seem to be helping.  There have been a few teary days, some horrid nightmares, but I do feel a bit better than a few weeks ago.

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Mental Health is very much in the news at the moment, but what it needs is funding.



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