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#Janathon, we made it to the end, my friend! And I finished with 10 miles!

Published January 31, 2015 by Crystal

OK, so there are those of you out there who do 10 miles before breakfast, but this is a BIG deal for me!  I decided to run on every other song, and I achieved it for a large chunk of the time.  I also managed to complete 10 miles in 2 and a half hours, which I am pretty happy with, with 84 days still to go, and so several weeks to improve and lengthen my runs.  The Virgin London Marathon feels a tiny bit more in my grasp.

I have loved the incentive of #janathon.  I have appreciated the motivation to blog each day, even when there hasn’t been much exercise involved, and I have seen how positive exercise really is in my day to day life.

fitbit january


I am delighted, looking at my stats and seeing how many miles I’ve covered this last month.  The fitbit was a great present, a fantastic motivator, and easy to use!

146 miles covered this month, wow!  On average I hit over 10.5k steps a day!  I’m debating increasing my daily goal, but I wonder whether it will encourage, or disenchant me when I don’t make it!  I will relax tomorrow and have a think,

But this is it.  The last day of what has been a wonderful start to 2015!

So thank you, Janathon, and thank you to your creators and participants!  I shall be back in June, hopefully a more seasoned runner, with a marathon under my belt, and injury free!

Fit and healthy, for once and for all.  For this is my year!  Oh yes!




#janathon, oh my gosh there’s only one day left! And #setlock Bristol King’s Street

Published January 30, 2015 by Crystal

Well it was the beloved’s day off from work, which quite often involves a jaunt somewhere, just the two of us, between school runs.  And it just son happen the beloved wanted a wander to Bristol to look around the docks and floating harbour, and it also just so happens that today they were filming Sherlock.  The planets were in alignment!  He’s a very tolerant husband!  Patiently standing in the cold, watching extras set scenes in the winter cold.  After half an hour, and not really much happening, I thought the least he deserved was a lunch break so we went off in search of food.

Piano and Pitcher, even though you didn’t ask, but strangely appropriate for a Sherlock themed day;


Anyway, we ambled back to King’s Street, and the crowds were bigger, and there wasn’t such a chance to get a good view of, well, anything!  So we decided to head round to the other side and made our way to the road that runs parallel with King’s Street, and has the back entrance to the pubs that faced King’s Street.  As we looked through the windows, we were surprised to see a fairly empty pub, with a couple of big windows, and a small crowd gathered to watch from inside the pub! (Thanks to Kong’s for their hospitality!)  We decided to join those watchers, and headed inside. For the price of a pint of lager and a soft drink we had front row seats to some brilliant action.  And husband and I were at one point asked to move because we were in shot and not in period clothes!  I look forward to seeing if that makes it into the special! 😉

Anyway, what you are really interested in, the photos from today!


He said he had his eye on me!  “No videos please!”  I obliged, even from the pub!

20150130_111912 20150130_111651 20150130_105818 20150130_105842 20150130_110750 20150130_111320 20150130_111325

And then after lunch, nothing to see here, honestly, nothing!20150130_125719 20150130_125935

20150130_131357 20150130_131354 20150130_130817 20150130_130523 20150130_130520 20150130_130510

20150130_131510 20150130_131522 20150130_131904

I even got a smile!20150130_132649 20150130_132751 20150130_132752 20150130_133015 20150130_133335 20150130_133336 20150130_133409 20150130_133538 Can you spot John Watson? Keep watching!20150130_133543 20150130_133549 20150130_133615 20150130_133618 20150130_133637

No!  But yes!  What can it mean?20150130_133645 20150130_133704 20150130_133743 20150130_140024

So janathon consisted of another 4 miles of walking, and tonight I’m afraid my slimmables plan is stopped to be restarted tomorrow.  My mood was good all day, but has taken a slump, and I would like to relax with a bottle of vino.  Tomorrow is a new day!

#janathon, 4.5 miles in what feels like the longest time. #depression

Published January 29, 2015 by Crystal

Honestly, we averaged 30 minutes a mile! My limbs ache, and though it will partly be all those squats yesterday, I’m pretty convinced that walking super slowly, stopping every 10 seconds trying to get the dog to walk to heal, is what has done it for me today, or rather, what has done me in!

On arriving at the pet shop, we looked at a harness for Muttley.  It might stop him pulling, but I think I need to look into the idea some more.  He definitely did not like the halti, so we aren’t going in that direction.  We did buy Muttley a monkey, which he proudly paraded home, pulling marginally less on the way, so maybe the trick is for him to have a toy on every walk!

He had a quick attack once home, but is now snoozing and snoring away!


Foodwise, I’m onto Day 5 of slimmables.  Breakfast was eggs, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes.  Lunch was sprouts, bacon and cashew;


Today feels hard, and I’m not sure whether it is lack of energy through change of diet, continuing exhausting dreams and interrupted sleep, or getting back into the warm after that slow, long walk.

I want to hope that it is the lack of quality sleep and the long walk.  I am snappy today, and agitated.  But then that’s a pattern from the last two months regardless of what I have or haven’t eaten.  It’s a two tablet day so I am hopeful my mood will pick up a little.

I’ve been reading more today on how this style of eating can be beneficial to people suffering with depression, but then I’ve read this claim for many different eating plans and I guess as with anything else, personal experience is what will really matter.

Date day tomorrow with the beloved, normally means a luscious lunch and a glass of vino…This week it will be alcohol free.  Habits are hard to break, and sorely missed!

#janathon, Body Pump, #depression and @slimmables

Published January 28, 2015 by Crystal

I love being physically exhausted.  The sort from a good hard work out, where I have given at least 95% and ache with satisfaction.  And I love it when it takes only 45 minutes to achieve that state.


Last week was tough.  The Christmas break, the change in routine, my depression kicking my arse that morning.

Today though, time raced.  45 minutes flew by and I managed to keep up, mostly.

I will be interested to see how recovery time is affected by my slight change in diet.  I came home and had a plate of heavenly smoked salmon and avocado, and am supping on a mug of herbal tea.  I feel peaceful and accomplished.

I was thinking as I drove to the gym (other side of town, time limited, don’t judge me, I’ll run tomorrow and Friday, or walk t least!) about how anti I was when I heard people discussing the merits of low carb.  I love my pasta and rice way too much, I would think to myself.  No way I’m giving up those things for some poxy diet to lose weight.  And of course me and diets don’t get on well, especially since discovering mindful eating, and reading material around that idea.  I’m willing to try diets, but I’m more realistic about what I want and need in my life, and taking what will work, and discarding what won’t.  I’m never going to be a WW or SW success story.  My weight loss has been slow and erratic on those plans in the recent years.

But then I started to follow Josie Gibson on twitter, and she is certainly a driven woman.  She is fit, and focussed, and I felt the desire to channel a little of her focus into my life.  I have a marathon to train for, and every pound of fat lost is a pound less that I need to carry around with me on my 26.2 mile stretch, and every ounce of muscle gained is a little bit more in building my power house to keep me going!  Josie advocates as natural and unprocessed as possible, and having been cooking from scratch on SW it seemed entirely doable.  When she launched her plan on Saturday I had a read, not only on her website, but on various articles about Josie over the years since she has lost and maintained that lost.  And I decided to give it a go.  I’m on to day 4, and actually feel really good.  I’m not craving chocolate, don’t miss pasta or rice like I thought I would, and I can’t help but think this protein helped today’s class pass in a whizz rather than last week’s counting the seconds pass!  The only thing I am missing is my evening wine, but then that’s a coping habit I’ve been using since my depression hit again, and not a particularly healthy one, so I’m happy to keep fighting that urge, and allow my body a break.  Since Sunday I have lost 3.5lbs and several inches from waist, hips and biceps.  I accept there will be loss of fluid in such a drastic change in eating, but considering I have been doing SW for a few weeks, and losing fairly low numbers, even in the first weeks of the plan, I feel optimistic that this plan is suiting me.  I feel driven to exercise, and I need that at the moment.  I find it easy to make great food choices, and it doesn’t feel a hassle at all.

Of course it might all change.  The first few weeks of any new plan are always exciting and motivation is in spades. But the fact that I am not craving big bowls of pasta and cheese, and not feeling energy slumps like I do when on lots of pasta and rice, is all good for me!

I hope in terms of depression it will benefit also, but there’s some time before I will see results on this.  Rome wasn’t built in a day!

For information on Josie’s new website click Slimmables

#janathon a little bit meh, good job it’s a rest day. #depression and paranoia.

Published January 27, 2015 by Crystal

Boy is still sick, so it was a good excuse to stay home ALL day, but in all honesty I don’t think I could have done anything anyway.  Feeling physically achy in my legs, and my foot seemed to be smarting after yesterdays long run.  So I stayed at home, doing a little bit of this and that, looking up a fair bit of #setlock, watching a fair bit of #Sherlock, and resting my body.

Mentally I feel agitated and emotional, and reactive.  The sort of mood where I could say everything I don’t say if I wasn’t careful; where I could have a full on argument because I really don’t care; where I could walk away from friendships because they feel exhausting.  And maybe that’s a reason why depression can be so damaging.  Maybe sometimes the sufferer can’t help but let out all the hurts and pain they’ve held onto and held in for so long.   That filter that keeps the sufferer caring and mindful of others sometimes snaps.  But then maybe it should be permanently broken?

But then I prefer to avoid drama, and I prefer to keep most of my hostile and negative thoughts to myself.  They won’t serve anyone.  I don’t want to sit in judgement of others.  It’s exhausting, and their life is none of my business. I’ll offer my opinions when a discussion takes place, but I am mindful and they are censored, because what is going on in my head is often a whole lot of chatter and emotions!

If others want to sit in judgement of me through the things I have said or done, I can’t do anything about that.

But today I feel anguised and angry, and there are conversations going on in my head, whole scenarios about things that have taken place, and games that I feel are being played around me because I haven’t behaved a certain way, or said the right things, or smiled and nodded where and when I should.  I’m drained with the possibilities, and this is the point at which I want to blurt out every thought and feeling, to uncensor everything.  Because if people are playing games around me, the least I should be able to do is make it a level playing field?  Surely?

But I won’t.  Because it might all be in my head.  And if it isn’t.  Well, life’s too short.  There are good, lovely people in my life, and I’ll just remember them all the more for their love and support.

#janathon (subtitled “Why was that run so odiously hard?”)

Published January 26, 2015 by Crystal

I had to change my route from the one I had planned this morning, because near teenager plodded into my room, slowly climbed under the duvet, and I knew it meant he was not well.  He is even in his own bed now, lying a bit lifeless, as only men with man flu can, you get the gist.

But what it meant was that I didn’t want to be so far from home if he should call in panic, so I made my route no more than a 2 miles from home, and ran walked that slightly different circular route over 1 hour and 35 minutes.  I know I walked more than I ran, but it would appear my running stints were faster than my usual snail pace.  But there was no way today I could manage a solid mile.  Even half a mile was stretching it.  I would run a stretch, maybe the length of a song, and then need to walk again.  My muscles ached, and I had to stop to stretch twice.  But at least I was fast over all, and I maintained a steady pace for the most part.  Why was it so hard today?  Was it down to having only left two hours between breakfast and exercise?  Or lack of hydration?  I realised I’d only had the one coffee beforehand, slight schoolboy error I guess.  Was it the lack of a long sleeve top that made it hard to get started?  On getting home I think I fixed the whole dehydration thing today with several big glasses of water.  Guess it’s a case of trial and error.  Next week I shall aim for 9 miles over all.  I figure covering distance is as important as running more and more of it.  At least, that’s where I’m going with this!

Food wise, I am enjoying what I am eating at the moment.  There was a bit of a blip with the website for me last night, but it was sorted by this morning, and I think it was down in part to me accidentally having put in the wrong card details somewhere. The support continued, and I accept this as the teething troubles that come with a new product.

I feel satisfied, and have rediscovered my love of avocados and cashews! Not having to *syn* an avocado is a wonderful feeling.  Not that I ever HAD to.  I do have my own mind.  But those of you who’ve followed the various weight loss plans know what I mean, don’t you?

Can you believe there are only 5 days left of January?  Well, 4 and a half as of writing!  I will miss #janathon.  It has certainly been an incentive to keep blogging and exercising that little bit extra.  Though my clothing style has been somewhat affected, still need some vintage inspired fitness wear!

Mood: Today I am ok.  A little sparky, my mind does seem a bit distracted, but it’s tolerable today, and I don’t feel low.

#janathon, only a few days left!

Published January 25, 2015 by Crystal

Today is a rest day, and a Sunday, so I’ve done virtually nothing other than pop to the shop for some food, and read up on a new way of eating.

Josie Gibson (UK Big Brother 11 winner, and a woman who has lost 6 stone, become a personal trainer, and changed her way of eating) launched her new site yesterday Slimmables.

Feeling slightly down about things of late, feeling the Slimming World has, I think, served its purpose for me (even though the new plan is much easier to follow than the old EE).  I need to be pushed a little in terms of training for the marathon, and I need to be a bit more accountable at the moment when it comes to my favourite vino collapso.  So after a read of the site, and a bit of reading up on Josie and how she has done over the last few years, I decided to sign up for three months.  3 months is enough time to see if it is a way that will work for me, but with a get out that if it doesn’t, then I’m £30 down in total, rather than £60.

I also figured, that while it is freshly launched, and while it is in its early stages, though there may be teething problems, Josie is going to want this to be a success and will want the new subscribers to succeed.  I don’t know if it’s me being paranoid, but sometimes I feel a bit like a predestined failure at SW.  As nice as the consultant is, I get the impression that my lack of massive weight losses, and up and down fluctuations isn’t quite what the SW world deem as a success, while I know that my mood disorder plays a big part in my weight at the moment.  Another thing that annoys me is so much emphasis is placed on weight loss, but the fact that I ran constantly for 30 minutes wasn’t such a celebration…if only my weight loss that week had been better.  You know what I mean?

So I’m giving Josie a go.  I already love being called Mucker and Luvver, and the food I’ve tried so far is pretty yummy.  A bit of a teething problem this evening with my account, but I don’t doubt it will be sorted quickly, and I’ve not hit the bottle out of frustration just yet!

Mood today?  Agitated again, annoyed at kids bickering.  Very tired, but that might be lack of sugary stuff already.

Tomorrow the plan is for a long run.  Might try for 8 miles…….But I will see how tomorrow morning fairs.