Hello Janathon!

Published January 1, 2015 by Crystal

Happy New Year to you!

How are you feeling?  A bit rough?  Too much vino collapso last night?  Or did you miss the chiming of the clock as you disappeared into Dream Town?

I almost made it to midnight, but dozed off at 11:50 only to be woken by the noisy celebrations with Jools Holland.

Today the family awoke, fairly clear headed, but all after 9am.  This doesn’t bode well for the start of the new school term on Monday!  Are we going to be able to slide back into the routine?

Today, in my pledge to exercise each day, we took the kids in search of King Arthur’s Cave near Symond’s Yat.  My kids love me.  They really do.  They love that virtually every day since Boxing Day they have had to walk and walk and walk so I get my 10,000 steps where possible.  They didn’t grumble once!  Honest!

King Arthur’s Cave was worth the drive, but I was a little disappointed that it didn’t take much of a walk to get there from the parking area.  The woodland is beautiful, and the colours pop at this time of year.  The dog loved to fetch stick after stick after stick, and the kids enjoyed role playing some form of game involving knights and battles and something or other. Over all it was a pleasant walk, and involved some climbs and descents, but not the longest walk this week, and certainly something to be improved upon!

The dog is now asleep on the sofa though, so he most definitely enjoyed the day and exhausted himself!

WP_20150101_12_22_17_Pro WP_20150101_12_25_47_Pro WP_20150101_13_06_25_Pro WP_20150101_13_15_13_Pro WP_20150101_13_28_42_Pro

Our drive home took us past a road that lead to The Kymin.  It’s somewhere we always mean to look at but never get around to.  So we took a diversion.  Beautiful views.  Breathtaking scenery and height.  We shall return for a better wander.  The kids refused to get out of the van at this point, so it really was a whistle stop tour!

WP_20150101_13_59_04_Pro WP_20150101_13_57_23_Pro

I’m up to 7,000 steps as I type.  But my legs ache, and I have definitely moved!

Better food choices today too.  And no wine.  Going to miss you my little vino friend.  But needs must.  And my liver is mumbling offensive words.

See you tomorrow!


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