Everyone back to normal.

Published January 5, 2015 by Crystal

Tonight the Christmas decorations will come down.  The lounge will look bleak and lightless.  The twinkling glow will be replaced with rearranged furniture and disappointing ordinariness.  I’m thinking about keeping my fairy lights up.  At least for the rest of winter.  They do add a lovely feel to the room, and I hate saying goodbye to Christmas decorations.  They always cheer me up.

So the kids went back to school, the husband went back to work, and what’s left is me, the dog, the cat, and the rabbits.  The rabbit hutches need cleaning out, and they needed food.  The dog needed a walk, and I needed my Monday January 5th exercise.

Fortunately, from terms of the marathon training schedule, today is a “Rest” day.  So no running necessary.  But I have a fitbit I like to see glow, and a commitment of exercise each day, and so it was a joint decision between the dog and myself, to take a stroll to Pets At Home.

He got lucky did old Joey today.  I bought him a monkey.  He was exceptionally proud, and carried it all the way home.  2 hours later and the head is empty, the ears ripped off, and the dog is snoring away.

I have covered 4 miles.  Completed my 10,000 steps, and there’s still a big chunk of day to go.  So I feel accomplished! As does the dog, I think.

Still lots to do.  Sort the rabbits, kill the spirit of Christmas, you know, the usual January 5th stuff.



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