It’s just for me and my dog

Published January 7, 2015 by Crystal

We took a walk.  My dog and I.  That’s my exercise today.  It was nigh on four miles.  To Pets At Home.  He likes Pets At Home.  It means he gets a treat.  The fact he was getting a treat every few yards doesn’t matter.  You see, I was attempting to train my middle aged dog to not be such a so and so on the lead.  He’s a staffy.  He pulls.  And pulls.  And pulls.  And it’s a battle of wills as to who can hold out the longest and command obedience!  Today I think we met half way.  He started to pull a lot less, and will sit to command almost straight away.  So it’s a result!

And while it wasn’t high impact, fast paced exercise, it WAS a substantial walk, in wet and windy weather.  My fitbit has congratulated me 10,000 steps, and my legs ache nicely.

So that’s my 7th January #Janathon entry.

A lot more has happened today in the spheres of twitter and facebook.  A wonderful and delightful response to the ridiculous “Lose a friend by telling them they’re fat” Day.  Mr Miller isn’t too happy that his day has been robbed and replaced by plus sized lovelies telling each other #youarefab!  He is complaining that those who go against his idea want their friends to die an early death!

What he doesn’t seem to grasp is that love and compassion are far, far more powerful than loathing.  People might be able to hate themselves slim for a while, but it doesn’t last, because the motives aren’t in the interests of health and happiness.  And a good point raised by many is that “Fat” is subjective.  What one person may see as grossly overweight may, to another, be slim.  Shouldn’t we be supporting the idea of health and longevity and the many facets of those words, rather than making a judgement based on how heavy a person looks?

So today, on the 7th January, 2015, I want to tell you You Are Fab.  And don’t let any halfwitted diet “guru” tell you different! (and contrary to what he says, I don’t want you to die early).


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