First Training Week Complete!

Published January 11, 2015 by Crystal

I am finishing the first full week of 2015 on a high.

Today I ran for 40 minutes in total; 5 walking, 30 running, 5 walking, 10 running, 5 walking. That’s today’s #janathon and Virgin London Marathon Training covered!

In October I couldn’t run for 3 minutes, 3 months later I can run for 40.  I fully anticipate the training curve to be steep from here on in, especially as the plan for this time next week expects me to run for 45 minutes!

Isn’t it exciting how, when we push ourselves, we really can achieve so much?  I have dreamed about running for so long, but had several false starts, and it started to feel like something my body would never achieve.  But here I am, still very early on in training, but now capable of taking on a 5k and being able to run at least most of it!

Tomorrow I intend to join up with a local 5k running group.  Apparently there are a few marathon entrants, and it will be good to have people to run with and learn from.  The main thing I would like to learn is how to breathe without sounding like I’m making dirty phone calls.

If you have a dream, don’t give up on it! If you want to get fit, but feel scared of all the fitties out there, and maybe slightly intimidated, know that you are not alone.  So many of us have been there.

I know when I first started thinking about fitness it was to “fight the flab”.  It certainly wasn’t something I enjoyed or looked forward to.  When I learnt to flip the thinking, and look at being kinder to myself and my body, it became something I enjoyed because of how I felt as a result.  I like celebrating the little victories.  I like feeling a little bit stronger and more capable each day.  And I like that it helps fight the depression.

So here is me, smiling because I’ve finished the first full week of training in 2015.  And I kept going all the way!

WP_20150111_12_50_06_Pro Here’s me looking red faced at the end!  Totally worth it!


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4 comments on “First Training Week Complete!

  • Well done, Miranda! It’s definitely the way to go.. focusing on enjoyment rather than seeing fitness as a chore. Running can be very rewarding, but it is hard at first. You’re looking great! x

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