Day 12, and my first time with a running club!

Published January 12, 2015 by Crystal

It’s a bit scary going somewhere where you know no one, and where you anticipate you will be the biggest, slowest, tiredest (it’s a word!).  I was made to feel so welcome and comfortable though, and the lovely Sam accompanied me at the back, as I walked and jogged what turned out to be 2.58 miles.

I’m sure if I hadn’t done my big run yesterday, and if I hadn’t already walked 5 miles today, I would have been able to run further and faster, but I didn’t want to miss another opportunity of joining this group, and I knew I had to dive in somewhere! As I type, my fitbit informs me I have covered over 18,705 steps today!  and over 8 miles!  I might query the 8 miles, but I have certainly done a lot today!  I think I may actually have to rest tomorrow.  Which means the dog will get a chilled out walk!

So that’s #janathon Day 12 complete.  And I’m ready for my bed!


2 comments on “Day 12, and my first time with a running club!

    • Thank you! It’s a lovely group! My muscles are feeling the strain today though, so definitely a day to rest. I think the smallest dog walk will be on the cards

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