#janathon and #depression Sunday 18th January.

Published January 18, 2015 by Crystal

Exhausted still.  Might have something to do with chasing a mouse in oldest child’s bedroom at 12:30am.  My cat is a mouser after all, I take back all the mean things I said.

But 10,000 steps covered today.  Partly from looking round the shops for a humane mouse trap (just in case there’s more of the little furries), partly from walking the dog.  I suppose the encouraging thing is that the humane mouse traps were sold out in a lot of shops, does that mean lots of other people are having the same issue?  Cold wet weather encouraging the little blighters inside?

2 days until meeting with mental health nurse.  Hopefully one more day until a courier turns up with a shiny new phone for me.  Though it has been quite peaceful not being in constant contact with the rest of the world.  If people want me, it has to be old style on the land line, or email and wait for me to get back to a computer.

Off to chill on the sofa and doze away the evening.


One comment on “#janathon and #depression Sunday 18th January.

  • Chill out essential. Good luck with the MH nurse, don’t hold back! Huge hugs. And well done on the 10,000 steps! Can’t measure mine, smallest witchlet comes and gives me hugs purely to surreptitiously press the reset button.

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