#MentalHealth and Employment (My thoughts and feelings)

Published January 19, 2015 by Crystal

In my most honest moments, or maybe not so much honest as anxious, fretful and paranoid, I think I will never be capable of being gainfully employed.  My depressive episodes can strike so suddenly and without warning, and day to day living becomes an ever lasting chore.  I worry about keeping a job, to be able to show up every day and keep going.  I would love to go back into education once the kids are old enough, to go to University and qualify as a nurse.  But my mind, at this time, makes it feel impossible,

And statistics aren’t encouraging. A report from The Guardian in 2007 states that 20% of people with severe Mental Health Issues are employed, compared to 65% with Physical Health problems.  I don’t know what the statistics are now, but I can’t see things having improved, considering the financial cuts made in these times of Austerity  If I am honest on an application form, where it asks if I have any health issues, will a prospective employer decide a candidate with mental health issues is too much of a risk?  At my last place of employment my manager was a bully (not just to me, but to a number of people before and since).  When she took a dislike to me the shit well and truly hit the fan and I ended up needing to be signed off, and soon after resigning.  It was only a lunchtime supervisor position, not something I made a big amount of money from, and my mental health was more important than tolerating a bitch who gets away with murder.  But as time goes on, the truth is I feel more and more stupid, and incapable.  Now I acknowledge I am writing this from the point of a really down day.  If I was in a hyper mood I would quite possibly be writing that I plan to take over the world.  But then that’s the problem with me.  It’s so up and down.  How can I possibly expect to hold down a job when I swing between poles of emotion like a pendulum?

Nick Clegg is promising £120M funding to support Mental Health Care but this is the same man who has been a Deputy Prime Minister since 2010, sitting back and watching cuts made again and again to important medical services.  It’s not unsurprising that now the campaign for the 2015 Elections is under way, Politicians are jumping of bandwagons they hope will get them votes.  But we experienced veterans of Mental Health are a little bit wiser to the tricks of the trade.  We have suffered as a result of Austerity Measures of which Nick Clegg must take some responsibility.  How can he justify his U Turn?  Why is #MentalHealth of such importance to him all of a sudden?  Is it because it is a hot topic at this point in time?  Is it because we’re such an emotional, unhinged bunch, that we’re sure to give him the vote if he promises us lots of money?  I can’t help but think I’m being taken for a mug.  So much needs to change to support Mental Health Care, and its sufferers.  I want to feel like a valued member of society, not an overemotional burden.  I want to believe I won’t be discriminated again when I honestly admit to mental health issues on a job application form, or to feel that a college will be able to support me through a degree.  Right now it’s not looking hopeful.


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