#janathon and #mentalhealth January 20th.

Published January 20, 2015 by Crystal

Thought I better up the activity today, and so took a scenic stroll to the doctors.  Not having a phone meant not having a clue about time, so I figured better to be early than late. Over 8000 steps covered by the time I got home this morning, so a good bit of exercise.  I would have gone to do a bit of shopping in town, but my brain is fuzzy today, and to be honest I can’t remember what I was going to look for.

So the appointment I had been waiting for.  With the triage mental health nurse. 45 minutes of going through current and past experiences, problems, emotions.  It was a good meeting, I think.  The mood disorder questionnaire was mostly positive, in that I mostly said yes, which really is negative, as it means I do have a mood disorder.  But positive in that now we are getting somewhere, and I’m finally dealing with something that has been affecting me for a long time now. One question she did ask is on a scale of 1 to 10 how low do i go.  I’m about a 3 today, and couldn’t think below that.  But then after I left and walked home I thought about the times I have been lower.  It’s odd how you can’t explain how low you are capable of feeling when you are not in that moment.  So I think I downplayed my depression without realising it.  On the plus side I have been referred for an appointment with a consultant.  It will be a 90 minute appointment, far more in depth, and so hopefully will be able to give a firm diagnosis.  The nurse is thinking Cyclothymia, which she termed as “baby bipolar”, but said a meeting with the consultant will give a better understanding of my mood cycling, how high I get and how low I get.  Also going more in depth into childhood experiences and so on.  So we’re on track.  Making progress, and there is a bit of relief that I am being taken seriously.

So now I need to keep track of a mood diary, and await that next appointment.  At least feel like wheels are in motion.


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