#janathon Body Pump, feel the burn!

Published January 21, 2015 by Crystal

body pump

Today was the first day back, in over a month, to the evil of Body Pump.  Clearly my muscles have lost memory and ability.  I am a weakling, weighing a great deal more than 98lbs.  I started with what I thought was a fairly light amount of weight, and quickly felt the pain as my muscles struggled to keep lifting.  But I will not berate or criticise myself.  Because the thing is I am back and I made it to that first class, in spite of feeling stressed and anxious at the thought of a group of strangers, and thanks to supportive friends who encouraged me to give it a go, in the hope that it would help the depression.  The music, and the movement helped me feel physically good.  I ache.  I am tired, but in a good way.  Exercise really does help me in terms of mood.  It’s just getting to the point of exercise is sometimes hampered by the depression saying “No, stay inside, keep away from the world”.

Today was also a good day in terms of meal planning.  By 8am I had a beef curry starting off in the slow cooker, I had breakfast in the oven, and boys’ sandwiches made.   The curry is a family success, a win for Slimming World today,

I forgot to buy a mood diary today, or rather a diary to log my moods, so I’m going to post here at the end of my blogs for now, and aim to remember to get a diary at some point,

How have I felt through today?  Pretty good.  I was up and active straight away, didn’t hang around in bed like I have been, and have done a lot.  My 10,000 steps were hit by 4pm, and tonight I can chill out.  Husband suggested 22 Jump Street because it’s a comedy, and of course there’s Celebrity Big Brother at 9pm…anyone else addicted?R

Tomorrow is a long training day.  I’m going to attempt a 7 mile walk run.  The dog will be pleased.  He has been neglected the last couple of days, poor soul.  Poor, sad, neglected pooch!  He better not keep stopping to wee or poo though, or we will fall out!

Right.  I’m off.


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