#janathon #vlm2015 #setlock, Mycroft and me!

Published January 22, 2015 by Crystal

Well the day started badly.  I lost my temper with two fighting boys who couldn’t say anything nice to each other.  I couldn’t remember how many tablets I was meant to take of sertraline.  And it was cold and I was meant to be doing a 7 mile training run walk.

I was miserable and didn’t see how the day could possibly improve.  Running would be a fail. I knew it.

But then my beloved texted me, to inform me that the local paper had reported that Sherlock was being filmed at the Cathedral.

I’m a fangirl.  I’m not going to lie!  I was extremely late to the Sherlock party, but the advantage of that is that I got to watch every episode within weeks through the magic of Alibi, and BBC Three!  Thank goodness for the magic of endless tv channels!  This would never have been possible in the 80’s!

So I had to make plans.  The dog would have to wait for his walk.  The original plan was the 2 of us to walk run together, exhaust his little staffie legs as well as mine.  But hanging around at the cathedral would be so easy.  He was unimpressed, but I shall make it up to him.  I also knew if I went straight to the Cathedral I wouldn’t actually complete my run.  I would make many, many excuses as to why running would have to wait.  I know myself well in this regard.  So I decided to hit most of the miles first, knowing that the walk home would be a couple of miles, anything before hand would be a bonus.

So I covered 6 miles, 1 mile walking, 1 mile running, and alternating.  I am proud that I managed to cover a mile every 15 minutes on average, and keep that up for the full 6 miles.  As a base to work from it’s solid!

I try to wear my SANE t-shirt now when I do the long training runs, and as an extra layer today it was much appreciated.  I finished up at the Cathedral, 6.3 miles later, nice and warm!

Warm soon turned to pretty darn cold as we waited around for a glimpse of the cast.  But I am delighted I went.  Apparently the cast had been hidden by umbrellas in the morning, but a decision was made to allow us to see the lovely lot in all their Victorian glory.  I don’t want to be spoilt, I look forward to the surprise of the story, but to have something a little bit exciting happen in Gloucester is always great!

After a quick coffee I came back in the hope for a photo of the lovely Mark Gatiss, and was delighted when he obliged.  I know I looked a sight in my training gear, and embarrassingly almost fell on my face as I tripped running towards him, but it made standing about in the cold, cold weather worth the time!

Anyway, for the #Sherlock, #Setlock fans, here’s what I got.  20150122_124401 20150122_124402 20150122_124403 20150122_124405 20150122_124407 20150122_124409 20150122_124410 20150122_124411 20150122_124414 20150122_135726 20150122_135728

If only every training run ended with something a little bit fun!

And if you would like to donate to SANE, the charity I am running for in the London marathon, then I would be delighted!


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