#janathon A rest day, and my youngest boy’s birthday!

Published January 23, 2015 by Crystal

By yesterday evening, on collapsing into bed, I had covered 10.74 miles.  I ached.  Climbing the stairs hurt, moving my arms hurt, turning over in my bed hurt!

So I made the monumental decision today to NOT go to Body pump.  The thought of lifting a barbel over my head more than once was something I could not and still cannot contemplate.  I’ve worked hard over the last two days, and while I may not get much of an opportunity for exercise tomorrow I’m sure I can cover a couple of miles in a brisk walk run session!

Was sorely tempted to pop to the Cathedral today, but if I’m honest I’m glad of the photos I get yesterday, and I don’t want to be one of those fans, causing stress and angst.  And I’m loving the activity on twitter, the marmite feelings towards #setlock.

And my youngest son is now 9.  And he needed a cake baking to celebrate it!  A malteser one to be precise.  Nigella’s malteser cake to be more precise.  I had to get butter, and it took 20 minutes to defrost my camper to go to the shops to get the butter.  I could have walked, but seriously, my legs have issues today, and are considering strike action as it is!

The cakes are now cooling, and shortly I shall make the icing, and that’s the sum of my day, pretty much.  Birthday boy wants sausage pasta bake for his birthday tea, in the form of a ready meal from Sainsbury’s.  Sometimes I have to wonder.

Mood wise, I can’t work out today.  I feel wired but tearful.  Does that make sense?



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