#janathon running with wolf (well, a descendant, a very stumpy, more pig like, descendant) and #depression

Published January 24, 2015 by Crystal

If you have a staffie, you will be well aware of their stubborness, their obstinance, their constantly challenging the pecking order in their pack.  You will know how exhausting it is to keep him to heal, and you may even share the slightly weak ball and socket joint of your shoulder, from the all too regular impulsive yank of the lead.  You too, may suffer from a hoarse throat, from repetitive use of the word “Heal”, and you may also think treats seem to be futile because he’ll obey you when it suits, but treats aren’t so interesting when there’s a squirrel, bird, cat, or another dog within half a mile of your current location.

And the thought of going running with a staffie, might seem a slightly odd, if not rather ludicrous, idea!

And it probably is.  But muttley needs exercise, and I need to get more and more running in.  So I decided while today is a quick blast, and not a super serious timed affair, I would risk taking Muttley with me.  He was super excited, and pulled a lot.  After all, I was running, this was fun! But he did have to stop at virtually every, single, lamp post.  And he did have to poop.  And he did try to run into the road when I let the lead extend.  And I did feel my nerves fraying.  But we completed 2.7 miles in 38 minutes.  At the 2 mile point we had managed an average of under 15 minutes a mile, and I’m happy with that as a first attempt goes.  I’m sure if the two of us keep it up, we will get used to each other’s pace and needs and desires on each of these walks!  Though I seem to be the one more respectful of those needs and desires at this particular point in time!

How do I feel today?  I feel fractious today.  I feel agitated, anxious, short tempered, and a little teary.  It’s a 1 tablet day.  But I have over 6000 steps under my belt, and birthday boy is playing upstairs with his mates.  I think I might go hide in the bedroom and read a bit more of The Maze Runner.

On the plus side, the dog does seem to be relaxing after our walk run, and he isn’t running around getting excited over the noise from upstairs.  So it was a good decision.



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