#janathon, only a few days left!

Published January 25, 2015 by Crystal

Today is a rest day, and a Sunday, so I’ve done virtually nothing other than pop to the shop for some food, and read up on a new way of eating.

Josie Gibson (UK Big Brother 11 winner, and a woman who has lost 6 stone, become a personal trainer, and changed her way of eating) launched her new site yesterday Slimmables.

Feeling slightly down about things of late, feeling the Slimming World has, I think, served its purpose for me (even though the new plan is much easier to follow than the old EE).  I need to be pushed a little in terms of training for the marathon, and I need to be a bit more accountable at the moment when it comes to my favourite vino collapso.  So after a read of the site, and a bit of reading up on Josie and how she has done over the last few years, I decided to sign up for three months.  3 months is enough time to see if it is a way that will work for me, but with a get out that if it doesn’t, then I’m £30 down in total, rather than £60.

I also figured, that while it is freshly launched, and while it is in its early stages, though there may be teething problems, Josie is going to want this to be a success and will want the new subscribers to succeed.  I don’t know if it’s me being paranoid, but sometimes I feel a bit like a predestined failure at SW.  As nice as the consultant is, I get the impression that my lack of massive weight losses, and up and down fluctuations isn’t quite what the SW world deem as a success, while I know that my mood disorder plays a big part in my weight at the moment.  Another thing that annoys me is so much emphasis is placed on weight loss, but the fact that I ran constantly for 30 minutes wasn’t such a celebration…if only my weight loss that week had been better.  You know what I mean?

So I’m giving Josie a go.  I already love being called Mucker and Luvver, and the food I’ve tried so far is pretty yummy.  A bit of a teething problem this evening with my account, but I don’t doubt it will be sorted quickly, and I’ve not hit the bottle out of frustration just yet!

Mood today?  Agitated again, annoyed at kids bickering.  Very tired, but that might be lack of sugary stuff already.

Tomorrow the plan is for a long run.  Might try for 8 miles…….But I will see how tomorrow morning fairs.


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