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Published January 28, 2015 by Crystal

I love being physically exhausted.  The sort from a good hard work out, where I have given at least 95% and ache with satisfaction.  And I love it when it takes only 45 minutes to achieve that state.


Last week was tough.  The Christmas break, the change in routine, my depression kicking my arse that morning.

Today though, time raced.  45 minutes flew by and I managed to keep up, mostly.

I will be interested to see how recovery time is affected by my slight change in diet.  I came home and had a plate of heavenly smoked salmon and avocado, and am supping on a mug of herbal tea.  I feel peaceful and accomplished.

I was thinking as I drove to the gym (other side of town, time limited, don’t judge me, I’ll run tomorrow and Friday, or walk t least!) about how anti I was when I heard people discussing the merits of low carb.  I love my pasta and rice way too much, I would think to myself.  No way I’m giving up those things for some poxy diet to lose weight.  And of course me and diets don’t get on well, especially since discovering mindful eating, and reading material around that idea.  I’m willing to try diets, but I’m more realistic about what I want and need in my life, and taking what will work, and discarding what won’t.  I’m never going to be a WW or SW success story.  My weight loss has been slow and erratic on those plans in the recent years.

But then I started to follow Josie Gibson on twitter, and she is certainly a driven woman.  She is fit, and focussed, and I felt the desire to channel a little of her focus into my life.  I have a marathon to train for, and every pound of fat lost is a pound less that I need to carry around with me on my 26.2 mile stretch, and every ounce of muscle gained is a little bit more in building my power house to keep me going!  Josie advocates as natural and unprocessed as possible, and having been cooking from scratch on SW it seemed entirely doable.  When she launched her plan on Saturday I had a read, not only on her website, but on various articles about Josie over the years since she has lost and maintained that lost.  And I decided to give it a go.  I’m on to day 4, and actually feel really good.  I’m not craving chocolate, don’t miss pasta or rice like I thought I would, and I can’t help but think this protein helped today’s class pass in a whizz rather than last week’s counting the seconds pass!  The only thing I am missing is my evening wine, but then that’s a coping habit I’ve been using since my depression hit again, and not a particularly healthy one, so I’m happy to keep fighting that urge, and allow my body a break.  Since Sunday I have lost 3.5lbs and several inches from waist, hips and biceps.  I accept there will be loss of fluid in such a drastic change in eating, but considering I have been doing SW for a few weeks, and losing fairly low numbers, even in the first weeks of the plan, I feel optimistic that this plan is suiting me.  I feel driven to exercise, and I need that at the moment.  I find it easy to make great food choices, and it doesn’t feel a hassle at all.

Of course it might all change.  The first few weeks of any new plan are always exciting and motivation is in spades. But the fact that I am not craving big bowls of pasta and cheese, and not feeling energy slumps like I do when on lots of pasta and rice, is all good for me!

I hope in terms of depression it will benefit also, but there’s some time before I will see results on this.  Rome wasn’t built in a day!

For information on Josie’s new website click Slimmables


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