#janathon, 4.5 miles in what feels like the longest time. #depression

Published January 29, 2015 by Crystal

Honestly, we averaged 30 minutes a mile! My limbs ache, and though it will partly be all those squats yesterday, I’m pretty convinced that walking super slowly, stopping every 10 seconds trying to get the dog to walk to heal, is what has done it for me today, or rather, what has done me in!

On arriving at the pet shop, we looked at a harness for Muttley.  It might stop him pulling, but I think I need to look into the idea some more.  He definitely did not like the halti, so we aren’t going in that direction.  We did buy Muttley a monkey, which he proudly paraded home, pulling marginally less on the way, so maybe the trick is for him to have a toy on every walk!

He had a quick attack once home, but is now snoozing and snoring away!


Foodwise, I’m onto Day 5 of slimmables.  Breakfast was eggs, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes.  Lunch was sprouts, bacon and cashew;


Today feels hard, and I’m not sure whether it is lack of energy through change of diet, continuing exhausting dreams and interrupted sleep, or getting back into the warm after that slow, long walk.

I want to hope that it is the lack of quality sleep and the long walk.  I am snappy today, and agitated.  But then that’s a pattern from the last two months regardless of what I have or haven’t eaten.  It’s a two tablet day so I am hopeful my mood will pick up a little.

I’ve been reading more today on how this style of eating can be beneficial to people suffering with depression, but then I’ve read this claim for many different eating plans and I guess as with anything else, personal experience is what will really matter.

Date day tomorrow with the beloved, normally means a luscious lunch and a glass of vino…This week it will be alcohol free.  Habits are hard to break, and sorely missed!


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