#janathon, oh my gosh there’s only one day left! And #setlock Bristol King’s Street

Published January 30, 2015 by Crystal

Well it was the beloved’s day off from work, which quite often involves a jaunt somewhere, just the two of us, between school runs.  And it just son happen the beloved wanted a wander to Bristol to look around the docks and floating harbour, and it also just so happens that today they were filming Sherlock.  The planets were in alignment!  He’s a very tolerant husband!  Patiently standing in the cold, watching extras set scenes in the winter cold.  After half an hour, and not really much happening, I thought the least he deserved was a lunch break so we went off in search of food.

Piano and Pitcher, even though you didn’t ask, but strangely appropriate for a Sherlock themed day;


Anyway, we ambled back to King’s Street, and the crowds were bigger, and there wasn’t such a chance to get a good view of, well, anything!  So we decided to head round to the other side and made our way to the road that runs parallel with King’s Street, and has the back entrance to the pubs that faced King’s Street.  As we looked through the windows, we were surprised to see a fairly empty pub, with a couple of big windows, and a small crowd gathered to watch from inside the pub! (Thanks to Kong’s for their hospitality!)  We decided to join those watchers, and headed inside. For the price of a pint of lager and a soft drink we had front row seats to some brilliant action.  And husband and I were at one point asked to move because we were in shot and not in period clothes!  I look forward to seeing if that makes it into the special! 😉

Anyway, what you are really interested in, the photos from today!


He said he had his eye on me!  “No videos please!”  I obliged, even from the pub!

20150130_111912 20150130_111651 20150130_105818 20150130_105842 20150130_110750 20150130_111320 20150130_111325

And then after lunch, nothing to see here, honestly, nothing!20150130_125719 20150130_125935

20150130_131357 20150130_131354 20150130_130817 20150130_130523 20150130_130520 20150130_130510

20150130_131510 20150130_131522 20150130_131904

I even got a smile!20150130_132649 20150130_132751 20150130_132752 20150130_133015 20150130_133335 20150130_133336 20150130_133409 20150130_133538 Can you spot John Watson? Keep watching!20150130_133543 20150130_133549 20150130_133615 20150130_133618 20150130_133637

No!  But yes!  What can it mean?20150130_133645 20150130_133704 20150130_133743 20150130_140024

So janathon consisted of another 4 miles of walking, and tonight I’m afraid my slimmables plan is stopped to be restarted tomorrow.  My mood was good all day, but has taken a slump, and I would like to relax with a bottle of vino.  Tomorrow is a new day!


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