#Janathon, we made it to the end, my friend! And I finished with 10 miles!

Published January 31, 2015 by Crystal

OK, so there are those of you out there who do 10 miles before breakfast, but this is a BIG deal for me!  I decided to run on every other song, and I achieved it for a large chunk of the time.  I also managed to complete 10 miles in 2 and a half hours, which I am pretty happy with, with 84 days still to go, and so several weeks to improve and lengthen my runs.  The Virgin London Marathon feels a tiny bit more in my grasp.

I have loved the incentive of #janathon.  I have appreciated the motivation to blog each day, even when there hasn’t been much exercise involved, and I have seen how positive exercise really is in my day to day life.

fitbit january


I am delighted, looking at my stats and seeing how many miles I’ve covered this last month.  The fitbit was a great present, a fantastic motivator, and easy to use!

146 miles covered this month, wow!  On average I hit over 10.5k steps a day!  I’m debating increasing my daily goal, but I wonder whether it will encourage, or disenchant me when I don’t make it!  I will relax tomorrow and have a think,

But this is it.  The last day of what has been a wonderful start to 2015!

So thank you, Janathon, and thank you to your creators and participants!  I shall be back in June, hopefully a more seasoned runner, with a marathon under my belt, and injury free!

Fit and healthy, for once and for all.  For this is my year!  Oh yes!




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