Febathon. It’s not got the same ring to it. So instead it’s #vlm2015 training and @slimmables and @ThinkingSlimmer today!

Published February 2, 2015 by Crystal

I forgot to post yesterday!  Shocking behaviour after 31 days of near consistency.  But yesterday was my rest after the 10 miles on Saturday.  And my stomach was griping and uch, I really was not in the mood for anything.

Today I am suddenly bursting with energy!  But my bambi ankles are a bit sore, and I have a date with my friend to run for a wee while later, so I’m resting until I absolutely have to get up and go.  But this bursting with energy is a lovely feeling.  I didn’t wake up feeling this way.  A nightmare had made the night hellish, and so I woke up needing intravenous coffee.

But within the hour I was quite perky!

This morning’s breakfast was pancakes;


I’m not one who generally has a sweet tooth.  I prefer a bowl of chips, or a packet of crisps.  This last week though, cutting back on the pasta and potatoes etc, I have noticed myself wanting to try different flavours.  And I’m still wanting something that looks substantial on a plate.  Does that make sense?  I mean, a Caesar Salad never really looked appetising to me for the longest time, because it was lacking the pasta or potatoes, or cous cous, or rice, you get the gist. And the photos of pancakes with their nuttiness and fruitiness seemed to appeal.  Last week I tried Josie’s “Pimp my Pancakes”, which have almond butter and coconut flour within.  A real delight to the palate, and hit the slightly sweet, slightly savoury itch that needed scratching.  This weekend I started trying the “Paleo Pancakes”, and am sold.  As a former banana despiser I am a convert.  Don’t get my wrong.  I am still rather specific about how my bananas need to be.  If they are going to be chopped they need to be firm and preferably still slightly green.  But are allowed to be soft and squidgy if they are going to be mashed and form part of a pancake batter.  Fussy?  I prefer discerning.

Anyway, the photo above is paleo pancakes, with a cup of blueberries and a load of sliced almonds.  Truly divine.  Delicious.  I have not appreciated fruit enough in the past, I am remedying this fact!

For lunch (an early lunch because I need to get my gear and go, shortly), I threw together brussel sprouts, bacon and cashew nuts.  I did this last week for a lunch and was delighted at the combination of texture and flavour.  Of course sprouts bacon and chestnuts are a Christmas staple, and found on our table each December, but the cashews are a subtle twist, and the salty bacon marries well with the smooth cashews.



I am enjoying the Slimmables plan.   Starting on a Saturday feels easier than starting on the Sunday, I’m not sure why, might simply be because it was TOTM last week, and I hadn’t acknowledged it was on its way.  One weekend without my usual wine on a Friday or Saturday seems more bearable than two Fridays and Saturdays!  But also having a big old Christmas dinner style Valentine’s meal planned is something lovely to focus toward. And as I ramp up the marathon training I feel energised as I go, and eating becomes more important in terms of fuel, and making the most of what I put in my mouth.  Flavour and enjoyment are important, but feeling good goes beyond the actual meal times.

To help me keep a little more focussed at the moment I’m back to listening to my Slimpods.  The creators don’t like diets, and they also don’t like negative self talk, and it’s simple to listen to and unwind with an audio recording at night.  It supports my desire to keep going and helps that motivation.  Quite pricey for the initial outlay, but good customer service and online support for those who want it.  I actually lost my original downloads, and they set new ones up for me with no quibble within hours.

Mood wise I feel good.  Right at this moment I feel focused and happy.  Looking forward to a quick run and a relaxing evening!

Right, just noticed the time, I better get off and ready to run!

You have a good first week of February, won’t you?






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