#mentalhealth, @beyondchoc, @Slimmables and the pursuit of health and wellbeing

Published February 8, 2015 by Crystal

I have been following Slimmables for two weeks now.  The plan starts with a two week *detox*. I don’t really buy into the idea of a detox. Isn’t it what our bodies are meant to be doing all the time anyway?  But that aside, it looks a fairly simple plan.  All natural foods, no sugar except from fruit and veg.  No grains. No alcohol or processed foods.
Just two weeks.  I’m on Day One. Again.
I have loved the meals.  I really have.  So why haven’t I managed two weeks straight yet? 
The problem is, I have depression.  And at the moment it is difficult to manage.  My medication is not effectively helping me at the moment.  And um waiting for an appointment to see a mental health medic….whatever that means.  So there are good days when I can take on the world.  And bad days where I wish the world would swallow me up. 
But I am better at tuning in to how I feel these days.  And so I appreciate how my body feels when I eat great, nourishing food, and I appreciate how much easier and more efficient my workouts feel. 
But then when the world starts to cave in I want a glass or bottle of wine, and will power doesn’t exist.  It is something that will reappear tomorrow.
The problem with diet clubs, and anti diet clubs to an extent, is that none are really equipped  to deal with subscribers who have mental health issues.  And why should they be?  It’s a complex issue, and experiences are as varied as flavours of ice cream.  But what it does mean is that I will never be a *success story* in the eyes of diet club consultants. My losses will never be consistent and linear.  And I won’t follow all the rules.  I have to take what helps me and learn to let go of what doesn’t. This goes for every single plan I have a go at.  And sometimes I will feel so unsupported that I might just give up and move on to something else. 
When I choose to follow a plan of some sort though, it is because I want to try something and see what I can take from it.  It is because I like an aspect of it and it suits me in that time.  Currently I like the aspect of Slimmables focusing on protein.  Long runs and muscle building is being supported by the food I am eating.  And even in the shitty weeks I am still having to do long runs as the London Marathon is getting ever closer.
I would LOVE to not *diet* completely.  I would love to be so in sync with my body that it is second nature.  And I guess that is why I try these plans.  To see what will work long term. Not dieting and eating what I have wanted has seen weight gain, and that in turn impacts on my mental health.  So I am looking after myself. While finances don’t allow for a personal chef and personal trainer and personal counsellor, I have to take what I can from where I can.
I hope I complete the next two weeks.  But if I don’t then I will live with that.  Because depression doesn’t need any more excuses to make me feel bad about itself.
In the meantime if anyone would like to fund a chef, trainer, and counsellor for me then I will gratefully accept!


2 comments on “#mentalhealth, @beyondchoc, @Slimmables and the pursuit of health and wellbeing

  • Hi Miranda! A great honest blog post. I think you have exactly the right attitude. I’m following a paleoish way of eating at the moment and I’m really enjoying it. The only thing I don’t adhere to is the ‘no alcohol’ (you know me and my wine!!! 😉 ). I feel healthier and slimmer, although the scales are moving incredibly slowly. My waist measurement is down. I think we have to take what works for us and run with it (or cycle, in my case).

  • I am suffering as a result of what I ate yesterday, which supports my choice of slimmables at the moment I feel! My eyes are going funny in that pre migraine way, and my stomach is bloated and uncomfortable. This, to me, is what tuning in and being my own guru is about, noticing how food does affect me and making appropriate changes to support a healthier me. If there comes a point where I don’t feel things are working for me, then I change them. All or nothing seems to run strongly through all plans, be they diet or anti diet, and surely there needs to be flexibility for these things to work long term. My goals may be so different to someone else’s but that doesn’t make me right and them wrong, or vice versa, does it?

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