#mentalhealth panics, sorting out the meds. Stop the merry go round, I want to get off.

Published February 11, 2015 by Crystal

I’m awaiting another call from my dr.  It’s my fault.  Because I forgot to mention the chances that I have Cyclothymia.  And if it is cyclothymia, then taking anti depressants with no form of mood stabiliser is a bad idea.  I am coming off the sertraline, that’s a given, now, but the offer was amitriptyline, which is an older anti depressant, but still an anti depressant, none the less.  Reading the reports of the interaction of cyclothymia with amitriptyline online was not a positive thing, and to be honest it terrified me.  The treatments recommended are more along the mood stabiliser medication, and psychotherapy, (free psychotherapy, that would be something!) but apparently some people are better off with nothing.  But the thing is, while doctors are willing to prescribe anti depressants quite freely, moving onto prescribing stabilisers seems a more cautiously done thing, and I feel (fear) I may have to wait until meeting with the psych team.  Maybe that is for the best.  Maybe seeing how my moods are now, without chemical interference will give a better indication of what the issue might actually be.

I guess there is no rushing this.  Today I have felt tearful, but I have also laughed loudly, and I am one minute tired, and the next motivated.

One day at a time. I shall throw some sweats on and head out.  An hour run is better than nothing, yes?

On the plus side, I had a lovely omelette with veggy sausage, and a wee bit of chocolate, and I feel happy and relaxed around food, slimpod seems to be helping me feel calm and that is good


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