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Published February 12, 2015 by Crystal

I am delighted to say I have completed my 12 miles training session today!  That’s nearly a half marathon!  I would like to thank runner 8, and runner 2, and the zombies who encouraged me to keep moving.  I would also like to thank the lovely Paloma Faith, the ever funky Black Eyed Peas, and the legend that is Sir Tom Jones.  Their tunes kept me going with a good beat, and the odd out of tune attempt at lyrics as I puffed and panted along the way!

And I managed those 12 miles in 2 hours and 55 minutes.  OK, not a radical attempt at the fastest mile.  Still a long way to go before I’m in a fit enough state to cover 26.2 miles, but today I covered nearly half the distance I will be covering on April 26th!

And I covered those miles, knowing that I was doing my best, that I was helping myself get fitter, and build muscle and endurance.  I started my session with a listen to the Slimpod, and then when nearing 10 miles I had another listen to keep up that motivation.

I managed to do it without someone telling me I was fat and disgusting.  I managed to do it and thank my body for the steps that I took and for the massive improvements I have seen over the months and years.  I managed to do it, and at the end be thinking “I could do another mile, maybe”.  I managed to do it and say to myself “Fourteen won’t kill me in a couple of weeks”.

But to onlookers I am still fat.  I am 5ft 4.5, and over 13 stone.  To a judgemental passer by I could be doing this all wrong.  Maybe I should be focussing on all that jiggly fat?  Maybe I should watch what I’m putting in my mouth because “You can’t out exercise a bad diet!”

It absolutely pisses me off that Steve Miller is still touting his crap that Size Acceptance is wrong.  It infuriates me that he doesn’t really give a shit what Size Acceptance is really all about.  He’s too busy wanting to make money from people by putting them down so much they will see him as some life saving Messiah.

I am a big girl, but today I ran.  Today I ran even though the last week has been mentally horrendous.  Even though I have moved between crying in desperation and sadness, and laughing hysterically at the funniest things.  If someone had placed judgement on me based purely on my appearance, it might very probably have derailed all the positivity I am trying to put into my life at this moment in time. And the problem is that that is exactly what Steve Miller does, every time he slates the size acceptance movement and attempts to justify his biases and prejudices.  He isn’t interested in finding the background of the people he slags off, because his arguments and advertising might have to change.  He does NOT care.

If you are interested in using hypnosis as part of your life, be it to help you lose weight, or help you to focus, there are SO MANY other choices out there.  With voices of people who genuinely want to help and support.  For me at the moment it’s my tiny circle of friends in a private FB group, and a Slimpod group with the lovely Sandra.

But there’s Anna Richardson, who has recently trained with Trevor Silvester, the voice of Slimpod, and who in her own life has had her own body issue and weight loss journey.

Hell, there’s even Paul Mckenna, at least he doesn’t use negative talk to get clients!

If you are going to let anyone have space in your head, let it be voices that will raise you up and support you, and help you to support yourself.

Starting off with some mouthy arse telling you you’re a fatty isn’t the greatest start to mental health.  In my humble opinion!

Oh and after that monumental run walk today, I was given money to buy new trainers for the next phase of my training!  So I went to ASICS outlet and frankly the choice was a bit rubbish, so got a gait analysis at DW and got New balance with extra top notch inserts! *look after your feet*


They are far more girly than my current choice, and an ickle bit spangly!  Thank you mum and sister for believing in me and my training and wanting to help look after my bambi legs!


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