Commitments to myself this week

Published February 21, 2015 by Crystal

1) I am not weighing myself.  I would like not to weigh myself until at least after April 26th now.   I made the mistake of hopping on the scales after loss of inches and clothes fitting amazingly.  Only to discover I am 6lbs up.  That’s enough to depress and demotivate anyone!  Screw that!  I will blame reintroduction of carbs after losing that weight going low carb. Screw that!  Again!

2) I am going to do my long run in the week along with 3 shorter runs.  Yup, even after saying in my blog an hour ago that I needed to do my 14 miles today. The pain in my inner thigh is still there, and I would rather rest a little longer than risk damaging it and stopping exercise for even longer.  I will attempt, instead, to drag the family out for a walk with the dog today and get some gentle exercise that way!

3) I will continue to listen to my slimpod (and now fitpod when I can too) by ThinkingSlimmer

Positives I can take from this week

1) My clothes are fitting better.  I am wearing a top I haven’t been able to wear since I bought it!

2) Even though it is half term I have managed two runs and plenty of walking.

3) The after effects of anti depressants seem to be wearing off, gradually.


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