Feeling supported. @ThinkingSlimmer

Published February 24, 2015 by Crystal

This is just a quickie.  In this,  #EatingDisordersAwarenessWeek it is keenly felt how many years my life has been enslaved in some way to control through food in some way.  Diets.  Deprivation.  Binges.  Purges.  I have felt a failure when the desire to lose weight hasn’t reaped the rewards I hoped for.  I have worked hard to avoid foods or food groups.  And then dreamt and inevitably binged on those forbidden foods.

I have also read many many books telling me the psychological effects of dieting.  How the mind works. How it wants what it can’t have.  How metabolism can be affected.  How self worth can be crippled under the heavy burden of conforming to the rules and regulations of the various diets.
And I have felt my self worth crumble.  I have experienced my self acceptance diminish when I have “failed” whichever diet or plan I committed to.

So it was lovely this evening to feel so supported when I hopped onto twitter to see Sandra of thinking slimmer telling me she was going to remind me not to diet! Not much can be said in 140 characters of tweet.  But it was enough, by a woman who knows enough and had met many people who have had experiences similar to mine.

I have decided the way to avoid dieting for now is to commit to it one week at a time.  To stop my impulsive self.  To keep listening to that lovely relaxing slimpod, and to let them do their thing. A week at a time I can manage.  And with the support of the group on Facebook I know I am not alone. 

It is odd to be trusting in a ten minute recording to help make changes in my life. 

But stranger things have happened. 

And at least it is a blessed release from weighing and measuring and all that jazz!


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