Winter Fitspiration is ticking me off

Published February 26, 2015 by Crystal

This. Pisses. Me. Off.


Why does winter training have to be about looking good for summer?  Why?  Why can’t winter training be about feeling good in winter?  Why can’t it be about physical health?  I am sold now on the idea that exercise is great.  I have bought into it!  But I am not, now or ever, buying into the idea that running through snow and ice is important because my body will look better in the summer!  Screw that!
The image above isn’t encouraging!  It’s judging and criticising and questioning the person who decides they might give risking breaking limbs on black ice a miss today!  Summer bodies are bodies with slightly lighter clothing.  Winter bodies are bodies with slightly jacket clothing and more layers. 
Screw this crappy Fitspiration. Move because you feel good for it. 


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