All these cakes have left the building!

Published March 19, 2015 by Crystal




They weren’t all for me!  They were for my SANE Tea and Cake Day to raise funds towards my marathon total.  Lovely friends joined me and raised just under £65.
It was a lovely day, and has been a lovely couple of days following!  The funny thing is in total I have had 6 small slices in total over these four days.  Taster slices.  Enough to enjoy the taste.  Had I been on a diet I deeply suspect I would have eaten far more.  The tomorrow mentality.
Tomorrow I Shall be good.  Tomorrow I will start again.  Tomorrow there won’t be any cake to tempt me. 
My mentality now is more; do I want it now?  Will I enjoy it now?  What does it matter if there is still cake in the house tomorrow? 
There is no perfection.  And no striving for it.  I did overeat one of the slices and didn’t pay enough attention.  But I accepted it and moved on.

There was a last slice of Victoria sponge tonight.  Husband had left it on the side instead of putting it back in the fridge.  And I saw it as I went to feed the animals.  One slice.  Then the cake would be gone. I could eat that.  No biggy.
But it dawned.  I didn’t want it.  I was caked out.  So I hollered to the kids and asked if they all wanted to share.  Only a couple of mouthfuls each for them, but they were happy, I was happy and the world hadn’t ended over the decision not to eat the cake!   Husband wants high tea every Wednesday and I think it’s a lovely idea! I enjoy baking.  And home baked means I know what goes into the food.  Life’s too sorry not to enjoy cake.  But too really enjoy the cake.  Not just eat it because it’s there!

I know I may be droning on but it really comes down to years of learning to not diet with folk such as Beyond Chocolate!  And to slimpod! People who have researched weight loss.  People who realise and appreciate weight loss is deeply linked with the mind and wellbeing.    Things are clicking right now and it does feel good.  Stressing less and living more.  And liking myself as I am.  I don’t need to bully my fat. Or put signs up to remind myself I am fat!  I find my being responds better to positive thinking and encouragement.   😉


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