#thisgirlcan, longest #vlm2015 training session to date is complete!

Published March 27, 2015 by Crystal


This is me!  Getting a lift home on completion of 18.34 miles!  A little red faced.  A lot achy. 4 and a half hours.  A fairly consistent pace and the company of zombies for the first fourteen miles, and my friend Karen for the last part.
You know what,  it want as bad as I feared. A substantial jump from the 12 miles that had been my previous longest attempt.  But I am home and confident I can complete the London Marathon in 30 days!  I’m not going to win any prizes for speed.  But that isn’t why I applied. 
What it proves to me is that I am capable of training myself to achieve something better than before.  It proves that all the critics who call us big girls lazy and greedy are making judgements bad on ignorance and media pressure.  It proves, for me atleast, that exercise is as good an anti depressant as the ones I have tried.  And it proves my body is capable of so much.
If I still loathed and hated myself I wouldn’t have got this far.  I train because I love myself NOT because I am disgusting and need to punish myself and I train because I deserve a happy healthy life, NOT because if I don’t train I am lazy and greedy and do not deserve a happy life.  So here is to the girls who feel their size gets in the way. Who are too embarrassed to venture into public and put their left foot in front of their right for fear of ridicule.   And to all the people shamed because they don’t fit the social norm.
This girl can.  And so can you!


Though I did get a blister 😉


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