The @LondonMarathon is less than 4 weeks away!

Published March 31, 2015 by Crystal

I’m aching.  A run last night was a disaster.  And my legs don’t feel much more obliging today.  So I am resting.  I don’t want to risk damaging myself, and I guess my body is still recovering from the 18 miles on Friday.  But the marathon waits for no man or woman and today I excitedly received my vest for the big day. 



You know what?  It is clingy.  It shows all my lumps and bumps.  But I do not care!  I can see in these two photos the physical changes my body has made over the last couple of years.  And the black dog is a strong representation of my depression over the same time.  I still haven’t got a handle on it, the depression, and as a result it continues to impregnated my weight and my level of exercise.  But fuck it. My body had performed a bloody miracle during my marathon training and the journey isn’t over yet. I may be lardy.  I may have more fat than Steve Miller deems acceptable.  But my body keeps on supporting me and helping me achieve things I could only dream of a few years ago.

With less than four weeks to go I would love whatever donations people can offer.  Sane offers support that people like me benefit from.  A text of support, a caring voice on the phone, an email when it matters.  Just a few examples of the way they are there for people in their moments of need.  Please, if you haven’t me, please consider donating a couple of pounds.  The cost of a pint or glass of wine will contribute in a big way.


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