Weight loss thoughts

Published April 6, 2015 by Crystal

After a week away from Internet.  And going by how I am feeling.  And not listening to the right wing or the left wing of the weight loss world.  I am going to head back to slimming world.  I have been very low on this holiday.  Out with the most gorgeous family and depression still sucks.  I feel tearful for no reason.  My mood will drop with no obvious trigger.  And that is what happens daily.  My weight bothers me.  But it is not the whole reason for my depression.  On the other hand my weight bothers me, and dealing with that will help to some degree.  Using the slimpod and mindfulness techniques helps and supports. But I still need that extra bit of support that a group does offer.  My depression will continue regardless of my size but that doesn’t mean I have to live an ineffectual life where I tolerate the things I can change if I want to. 
Part of my depression is I think because I feel I don’t contribute much to the world.  *just* a housewife. *just* a mum. No degree.  Feeling unqualified for a work life.  This is an attitude I can change as time goes on and I can train and learn.  I’m not too old yet.  And depression is the biggest liar and I know in my heart I am not *just* anything.


4 comments on “Weight loss thoughts

  • I know what you are feeling, it sounds like we are both struggling with something similar, in that we have a wonderful loving family but seen to feel that because e don’t have a degree/career/*insert what you want* we are leaving and not pulling our weight (as such). Unfortunately I can’t give you any advice other than keep doing what you can and you are awesome!

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