I am sooooo over running now. #vlm2015

Published April 13, 2015 by Crystal

With less than 2 weeks to go, I think it is safe to say my mind has well and truly had enough, and my body isn’t far behind!

Today I have done a 3 mile run.  And every mile was a bore.  The mile markers didn’t come quick enough, the zombies didn’t spark my interest (kill me now, zoms, I don’t care any more.  New Canton can burn. I don’t mean that, please forgive me!)

It is all just tedious!

Thankfully, there are less than 2 weeks to go.  Thankfully, I vaguely recall a similar feeling as the London Moonwalk drew close, and walking distances had become dull and lifeless.

And fortunately it is Taper Time, and I can shift things about anyway.  Killer circuits on Wednesday, Fun Zumba on Friday.  I know it is just a mental block.  I know it will pass and come the marathon I will be surrounded by thousands who have had similar thoughts and feelings in the run up.  After all, my training started in October.  It’s a long time to be fitting in runs when prior to October I never ran!

And I guess the point of a marathon is that it is a challenge!  It’s not a weekend jolly!  It’s not a stroll down the canal, or a day of shopping in the city!  It is a challenge. To body, mind and spirit.

I sit here moaning and grumbling, but then I also sit here having run a fair distance this morning.  I got up, I got my running gear on, and I got going.

It’s all good!

I just look forward to running being a little more fun, once more!


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